Ferdinand Football Franchises

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge in 2022?

We can offer a very unique opportunity for experienced and passionate people who are ready to grow and develop their own business under the Ferdinand Football umbrella. If you’re ready to become a successful and reputable business owner, then we’re ready to mentor and support you through achieving your dreams.

Click the button below and send us either a short video or written email to introduce yourself, let us know where you are and why you’d make the perfect Ferdinand Football Franchise Partner anywhere in the UK.

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Why a Ferdinand Football Franchise?

It’s FREE!!*

Yes, really! This is #EVERYBODYSGAME and we want to help like-minded, passionate people build a successful company to the benefit of themselves and their community. *Meet our minimum requirements to receive your own Ferdinand Football Franchise for FREE, including your training and coach’s start-up pack, to start you on your journey as a Ferdinand Football owner. Even if you don’t meet our minimum requirements, our franchise buy-in option is the lowest price and best value available anywhere in the UK!

Be your own boss

Owning your own business is challenging, but also gives you the opportunity to work your own hours, find your own rhythm and have ultimate control. Build your lifestyle around family time, leisure or any other commitment. With a Ferdinand Football Franchise, you benefit from owning your own company without taking on the risks of building one from scratch.

Brand Recognition

The success and respect of the Ferdinand brand will be licensed to you, empowering you to utilise immediate recognition within the market and swiftly grow your company and become firmly established within your community with the top name in the industry.

Business Support

Starting your own company is daunting, there are challenges at every angle. So as well as receiving full training and a step-by-step manual guide to running your business successfully and reputably, on-going support is guaranteed when you’re a Ferdinand Football Franchise Partner. You can be assured that we want your business to be as successful as you, and we’re here round the clock with continued support and regular training updates.


On average, Franchisee’s earn more than other privately held businesses. A network of like-minded people, sharing skills, knowledge and experience in a thoroughly tested business model makes a Ferdinand Football Franchise an extremely lucrative entrepreneurial option.

Flexibility and Growth

Ferdinand Football prides itself in it’s continual evolution to bring #EVERYBODYSGAME to everyone and we’re excited to bring you on this journey with us. As FFG grows and develops, as do you. As FFG bring new and exciting products and initiatives to the market- as do you! Even our base model allows you the flexibility to build on your own strengths- whether that be Ferdinand First Kicks or U16’s Futsal Leagues- whilst you can develop your skills and team to take on extra Ferdinand licenses’s including your own Ferdinand Academy!

Reduced Risks

A proven operations model, buying power, an undisputed reputational name, business specialists on hand and a ready-made customer base… your capability is limited only by your own motivation.

As a Ferdinand Football Franchise, you’re not just becoming part of a network of passionate business owners, you’re becoming part of a modern international movement for inclusivity and accessibility to the Beautiful Game.